I Am…

I question, I ponder, I wonder and I do everything that is a synonym of those three words. I am a student and what I do is write. Papers, essays, and occasionally the blog post that has passed all levels of the critic in me. I sing, I dance, and I am very merry. Until I remember that my camera is on my night table catching metaphoric dust, my typewriter is rotting away in a wooden box under my bed and my ukulele is literally going out of tune with each degree of temperature drop.

I am a student and what I do is question. Of everything that exists on Earth, the sky, the Moon and Venus. I have gone to Pluto and back, only while it was considered a planet and not a rock, of course. I have traversed every sea on Earth on the tiny boat of my dreams that is comparable to the one in Life of Pi. Just without the wild paraphernalia.

I am a student and what I do is try. To consciously give the world it’s 0.0000000000001% of care and concern. I recycle, I compost, I garden, I knit, I bike, and I document that which I call life on a little corner of our world.

Drop me a comment or a line if you like what I write or have something for me to ponder more about!




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