Oh Mother Within

There are a lot of people that come in your life. There are some that stay for a short time, some that stay for a while, and some for a really long time. There are those you are born around, and those that you walk beside. In my life, I happen to have been born to a great mother. The typical kind: crazy and abnormal. She’s the one I get for a lifetime! Lucky me.

Today is the day my mother gets to sit around a group of women like me and share some love. This isn’t a spiritual circle or a healing circle; the furniture just happens to arrange them that way. This is four women from different parts of the world who have come here to learn English, and a teacher who just loves to teach not only the language, but life lessons as well.

She’s not your typical person. She’s the teacher that people fall in love with. Not because she knows what happened in the last episode of ‘Vampire Diaries’. But because she will love you like the mother you left in your hometown to come here and study. She will give you that courage and motivation you need to stay sane in a new country and learn a completely new language without feeling shy and embarrassed.

Today she is sitting around these four young women and sharing how she dealt with life in her own funny way. She offers advice and guidance that one would ask their mother or their best friend in times of dire need. Of course, since I want them to feel comfortable with themselves as well, I pitch in a line or two of encouraging stories. But the floor is swept away with this teacher’s ability to give such loving advice that brings back the four younger women back to her every other week. Even though this teacher has stopped coming to school.

In these few moments when the four young women call her “mum” and laugh at each other echoing the same word, I sit in silence and ponder about that word.

In a very different way, but with the same intense love, we all love ourselves. We all mother ourselves and counsel ourselves to make the right decision and to feel good about ourselves. Even when we are hiding from ourselves, it is that motherly voice within us that knows we are hiding. We are all our own mothers. We are that patient, comfortable, familiar figure that we can go to when the world is falling apart.

So today I salute the mother within me. The one that will continue to patiently love me with such warmth and sincerity. The one that I will turn to when my world is falling apart. The one that won’t ever give up on me.

A salute to you, oh Mother within!


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