Lavender Honey Yummy

You know that evening when you plan to do something and enjoy the rest of your time sitting in front of the TV and eating that something that you did? No? Well…it just DIDN’T happened to me today. OK, I’ll stop with the crazy circles of words.

Today we made Lavender Honey Cake from a recipe I found while reading this blogone day. And by we, I mean myself and the one person who decided I was trustworthy enough to not burn the kitchen down. So here is how it all happened…

whisking the batter

mixing the ‘wet stuff’ with the ‘dry stuff’

in the pan!

Et voila!

aaaaand modelling with the cake…. 😉

And after all that baking (and modelling) of course, the cake had to be modeled too! So feast your eyes folks!

the final presentation =)


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