Chard in my Yard

Yards are technically bigger than gardens, so for a second there just go ahead and ignore the size of my puny garden. And let’s bring our attention to the chard that magically grew in the biggest raised bed our garden has. We planted three rows of Multicoloured Swiss Chard sometime in early May. It took a couple weeks to sprout.

Chard Portrait

Et voila! I walk into the garden yesterday and it’s ready to be cooked! (Of course not by me, or it might taste like burnt eggplant by the time I’m done with it…) The healthiest looking crop I have ever grown of Swiss Chard.

And it wasn’t alone…there was a whole clump of them beside this one!

The bunch of them just chilling out

And I couldn’t ignore the crazy chard that decided to plant itself in another pot and take over it. Then it also decided to reach the moon somehow. The things plants do when they’re in love…yeeesh!

Chard on crack!

The best was when I collected the chard and cleaned it. There it was lying in my strainer, ready to be cooked. My very own bunch of chard. I felt so….motherly. Like I had to take care of it and stare at it while it lay there looking glorious. Alas, it too must become fodder for the three hungry cows that have grown and taken care of it. =)


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