Oh Child of God

Inspiration comes at the funniest moments: when you are showering, when you are eating, when you are watching TV….OK never mind, maybe it’s just me. The best is when you are reading one of your favorite books and your thoughts just flow from the content of the book to the subject of your life.  It’s this lovely feeling to be able to understand what the book is saying but through your own experiences.

I had one such moment today! And not only that…it happened while reading the first page of the book ‘The Witch of Portobello‘. What you will read now is what my heart and mind said in the moments that followed the reading of those words.

Surrendering yourself to something is beautiful. But in doing so, you are also honouring yourself. You honour who you are. You honour who you have been. What have you been? You have lived but few years of your life and know nothing of what you have been. You haven’t seen. You haven’t heard. You haven’t felt. Thus, you cannot say you have surrendered. You haven’t surrendered. You have given up.You have given up hoping for yourself and yet hope the world for me. Or better yet, for us. In which world do your rays of hope shine? Your surrealism is so unfiltered that you have ceased to exist in this world. You are not of it. You are of the depths of your horrors, of your anxieties and of your devils. Those that claw at your feet begging you for more of your attention.You, human being, have yet to realize how precious you are. How god carved you out of star old trees to put you on this earth. This earth that blessed you with people and objects and life forms that run beside you. You, child of man, have yet to hear your own voice. To feel your own touch. You have yet to see yourself.The world awaits your wisdom and your beauty of thought. Your loyalty that conquers the hearts of the wicked. Your laugh that rings the Alps and Andes gold with the sun. Your heart that drips red, sticky love.I have seen it. I have been conquered. But I shall wait no more. For you are child of God, and you haven’t been left alone in this world. I am not your only companion. The wild stallions have yet to run their laps with you. The bears have yet to claw the mask off your face. I am only an innocent bystander in your life. I am only a child of the Goddess that worships your being. I am only the lover of true form. And I can only love your true self.

So leave me be and run away. Hide yourself or bare yourself. Pray to the Sun or the Moon. The darkness within or the light within. But find you will. The child that craves attention from you. The boy waiting for initiation. The man you will become.

I cannot promise you the future. But till I am alive, I shall worship that same being I see within. When you find it, you will find me.


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