The Sacramento Flight Playlist

As I flew over clouds of dark nothing and looked out on clusters of lights and the almost dark horizon, I created a playlist for myself. Somehow all the music I picked had a theme that ended with ONE happy song. =) I thought I’d share with ya’ll. Here’s the Youtube playlist you can play while reading this post 🙂

1) How – Maroon 5

2) Hey Jude – The Beatles

3) Apartment – Young The Giant

4) Payphone – Maroon 5

5) Love and Affection – Neon Trees

6) Girls Just Want To Have Fun – Glee version by Finn Hudson

7) Walking the Dog – Fun.

8) Somebody That I Used to Know – Gotye

9) Without You – David Guetta ft. Usher

10) Live My Life – Far East Movement ft. Justin Bieber

Of course, no playlist is complete without the Beebs 😀

These almost reflect my inability to stay in transition. The long duration (THREE hours this time) of the flight to and from a place drives me nuts. I am either anticipating the beginning of an adventure or I’m dreading the complete end of one and the return to the good ol’ daily life. Why I said they ALMOST reflect this inability of transition is because they ALMOST also represent the ‘lemons that won’t become lemonade’.

I’m also going to say this: Maroon 5 can take a tune and make it magical. I’ve fallen asleep countless times listening to their melodies and their nice lyrics. Some people say it can be repetitious, but I feel like most bands are repetitious…so….get over it.


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