Monday Morning Rant

So I’ve been advised to start this up. I’m told its therapeutic. Let’s see…. It’s not quite morning anymore, but I’m just doing it for the heck of it. This afternoon, I am going to butcher Build SFU.

Since the launch of the Build SFU platform, the contention and questions have escalated and the support teeters on a 50/50. Build SFU is “a proposal to create a large new space for students on SFU’s Burnaby Campus”. Although the need for student space on campus is great, it is quite the issue when a brand new building that costs a giant load of money is proposed to an undergraduate population where the majority of students are tight on moolah.

Agreed: the students are asking for space. Agreed: the students are asking for space that is safe and supports their education. But do we really need to pay $65 million for a building that isn’t even sustainable? At the launch of Build SFU, the claims were that the old frame of the building would be reused, thus paradoxically creating the ‘reuse, recycle, reduce’ system. But is this old frame even up for some reusing? Has it been assessed using any sustainability standards?

I’m no tree-hugger, but I’d rather not use a space that hasn’t been considered from various different perspectives. As far as student consultation goes, Build SFU claims to have held several student consultations….IN 2008 AND 2009. Say whaaaaaa? I hadn’t even graduated from high school then! How the hell could they have taken my opinion on this obnoxious project?

And let’s not even talk about the transparency and governance problems the current Board has.  Let’s just ignore the big ruckus they created over the Lockout and the building of a brand new pub THAT I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW WAS BEING REFURBISHED WITH MY MONEY!

Given the current status quo, here is my advice: screw the referendum, ask for some REAL student consultations to happen now, build a building without a shoe store for heaven’s sake, and try explaining to me why a stadium would prove beneficial to my education.

Oh, what’s that Build SFU? The shoe store would make my tired feet comfy and the stadium would provide the lights I need to read my book? HA.


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