Blog block

I was sitting with my friend on the bus today. By chance we ended up talking about blogging. And while she was telling me of all the things she just wanted to keep on writing about, I, for the life of me, couldn’t figure out why I was so quiet. It’s not like I’m always bursting to tell people stories. I observe. But if I observe, that must mean I am creating some sort of a generalization (or even a judgement) in my head about what I see. Hence I must have something to say about something. So here the art of writing a blog becomes scientific.

Blogs always surprise me: there are so many of them with so many opinions and so many people saying so many things. Who would care if I wrote something down and published it. I could probably say some really nasty stuff and get away with it. Would I really writing for an audience or for myself? Would I be trying to maintain a constant chain of posts just to keep my ‘readers’ reading something. There have been very few blogs I have read that aren’t run by news agencies or influential people. What about the lot of ordinary people who just want to talk? And just talk about random stuff? Like, hey! that guy on the bus beside me. God how annoying he was. Pet peeve #1: people talking loudly on the bus beside you so that you can hear them over the sound of your music.

This here is my blog block. I reverse psychology-ed it. Yes, I did. I’ve acknowledged it and it will now go away.

Share of the day:

beady eyed little man boy. yup, it cracks me up every time I see it.


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