My histoire with photography has been a very interesting one, and I shall do my best to do it some justice. My parents have worked professionally with camera’s before we came to Canada. When I was a little over 10, my dad took me to Lodhi Gardens, New Delhi (my hometown), to take pictures. That was my first introduction to a camera I would keep coming back to again and again for the next….8.8 years. I took pictures of flowers, bees on flowers, grass, old aunties going for their daily morning walks and old uncles laughing (yes, laughing is an extremely popular form of yoga in ANY Indian garden during the morning hours). Some had too much contrast, some were just plain burnt, some were blurry and some were an accomplishment for a 10 year old who had no professional interest whatsoever in the art of photographie.

As a child, I don’t think I was ever very amused by camera’s. I mean they were cool gadgets but they were always an art that remained too intense for me. Actually, until very recently I have considered all art forms other than music, dance and theatre to be out of my league. Not out of dislike or because they aren’t good enough for me, but because I always thought that I could never do it. Anyhow, the second time I picked up that very camera was 3 years ago for a photography class I took in my école secondaire. It wasn’t the first time I was working with a camera. But it was definitely the first time that I developed my own film. It was the crucial second step that I had to take to understand the science behind photography. Its like geography: its not just a science, but a social science too. Photography, like every other science is also an art.

Ma deuxieme fois, and I learnt so much more than before. Although, while I was in the class, it was hell. It REQUIRED me to be artistic. All my life people had told me that if you felt artistic, you would do something about it, and if you didn’t, keep trying. But now I HAD to be artistic to get marks. That, for me, was PREPOSTEROUS. I couldn’t possibly have any reason to back out. I had to do everything for the mark. I ended up with a C+. And all this experience with camera’s and film and developing film.

This time, I am picking up my camera for the third time. And I intend it to be the most artistically fulfilling time. Let me rephrase that. I will learn more, be more of an artist and create crazier pictures than before. I currently own (through my parents) a Canon EOS 888. Its a pretty cool camera! I still have to find the manual….My camera, the book I’m using and the useful (and inspiring) links are available here. This should perfectly coincide with all the festivals I want to attend this summer!!!!

If you have any great websites and tips for me, please leave a comment!


2 thoughts on “Photographie

  1. so now we shall wait to see the pictures, all kinds of exposures, and the lovely anecdotes to go with those.

  2. I bet I could give you numerous links on digital photography but this won’t help you out I guess. Nevertheless, keep trying, I’m pretty excited to see your works 🙂

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