La fête de la musique

After finishing two of my intersession courses at SFU, I decided that I need something to do this summer, other than spending half my day with a book. So I figured out that I will go to at least EIGHT festivals this summer. The first festival I went to actually happened before I had even decide I would attend EIGHT festivals this summer. La fête de la musique.

The poster et la chatte

In all honesty, it was the perfect festival to begin my round of festivals this summer: I was taking an oral French course and I really wanted to go out and explore the french culture in Vancouver. The francophone festival of music was just a perfect coincidence.

Moi et mes trois amis

Moi et mes trois amis, we attended the festival right after our final oral French exam. “It took place on a beautiful summer evening in the historic district of Gastown in downtown Vancouver”. We reached there around 5 and managed to entertain ourselves for more than 3 hours there!!!! There was just so much to see and so much to hear. The main street of Gastown, Water Street, was just full of people walking everywhere and the white tents on the sidewalks housed the many musicians.

One of the many bands...

Each musicien/band set themselves up in a tent for an hour and either moved to another tent or went home or walked around themselves to enjoy the music! I could even say that I heard every kind of genre being played there. While the majority of the music was in English, there were a couple who really brought out the French in them. If there was no space in a tent, some just set themselves up on the sidewalk outside caféswho were willing to provide the electrical backup.

La claviste français

On the whole, I really saw Gastown come alive with music and people just enjoying themselves. Vancouver’s first fête de la musique was a blast, even though it wasn’t funded by the City of Vancouver or Downtown Vancouver. I really do hope they play a bigger role next year because I sure am going back in Summer 2012!!!!

Ma groupe favorite

That would be the drumming group. Although I still don’t know where they are from, they were the most dynamic and engaging group of musiciens I listened to. They were around 7 or 8 African drummers (not African themselves, but their drums). It was definitely not the first time I had listened or watched drummers perform, but it was the most engaging as an audience member. Each member was so in-tune with the other and everyone knew what they were doing. I’m pretty sure, being a musician myself, that some might have gotten lost, but the others didn’t allow them to loose the rhythm.

The drummers by the Gassy Jack statue

It was the rhythme de la musique! It just kept you listening. I found myself going back again and again to listen to them. After a while, people just gave up trying to move on and listen to other bands: some stayed to dance it out. I guess now I can understand the power rhythm has over a body: it creates movements that you just can’t resist!

Les danseurs behind the drummers

So here’s to the movement of musique created by all the amazing musicians who came out to share their art on that fateful Tuesday evening! À la prochaine mes amis!


3 thoughts on “La fête de la musique

  1. I lived the moments that you spent at the music fest through your piece. Loved it. Would love to see more like these

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