The Art of Letting Go

Thank you.
Thank you for reading this post.
Thank you for letting yourself discover this art.

 Many times in our lives, we come to a point with someone when we cannot go forward. And sometimes we need to question ourselves about the next step we need to take. Or there are times when we decide that its time. It’s time to let go and move on. But this process doesn’t need to be a painful one. Nor does it have to evoke the worst sentiments out of you.

It’s important to acknowledge that the experiences you have had with this person, shaped the person you are right now. So in order to let go of the pain and the sorrow, it’s healthy to thank. Thank this person for all the good and, most importantly, for all the bad. For the bad is what has given you the strength. It has taught you to not make the same mistakes again. It has allowed you to discover how you react to certain situations.

Letting go isn’t about never talking to the person again and burning their pictures. It’s about accepting differences and/or situations and loving yourself for even thinking about letting go in the first place. As human beings, we are all social creatures who love the company of other human beings. And when someone becomes an important part of our lives, we begin to care for them. It’s extremely natural, then, to feel pain when letting go. In fact, it’s painful to even think about it. So if you have thought about it, give yourself a pat on the back because you took the courage and the time to even consider it. You are strong and this consideration has made you stronger: see it!

It’s true that when you close a window, God opens a door for you. There is a path and you are on it. It is up to you to pick and choose the people you want to take with you on that path. When you let go of someone, it opens up space for someone else. And each person you meet will help you realize more about yourself. Letting go, in a sense, is allowing yourself to have new experiences and realize newer things about yourself.

So once again, thank you.
Thank you for exploring the truth within yourself.
Thank you for giving yourself permission to let go.


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