The Adventures of Me, The Great (2)

Apparently I live very close to a centre where pottery lessons are well known and the kiln is fired up every day. The Shadbolt Centre for Arts. Since I wasn’t in time to register for the January session, I’ve got my eye on the registration date for the Spring session which begins in April. I’m ready to carve the beautiful pots out of which humanity shall drink the waters of the heavens! Ahem…..yea right.

Something that inspired me to learn how to make pots and vessels….

Black-figure Greek amphora c.a. 530 BC by Lysippides

Black-figure vases and red-figure vases were the main kinds of pottery in Ancient Greece. Their vessels all had different names and they all had different tasks. Their shape was unique and depended on their function. I’m thinking about sculptures too right now….Who knows? I might just end up being the next Picasso… (possibly in my dreams).


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