Here is what happens when I neglect writing: I get confused and then I can’t function properly. You’d think someone broke my heart. The first thing I thought when I got my blog was, “How am I ever going to remember to write after I’ve gotten over my initial excitement of having a blog?” And now I think, “Wow. Didn’t take that long, did it?” And if reasons were my friends, I’m a loner. If I try to say that I was busy studying my ass off, my books will slap me. I have a huge pile of reading to be done that I’m still not even slightly bothered about. I guess neglecting things and being a fart are the easiest things to do in the world. Not so easy when the things you neglect catch up to you.

Vancouver has been beautiful through it all. First month of 2011, come and gone. AND I didn’t have nightmares about the apocalypse of 2012! Beginning of second semester, come and gone. AND I didn’t die under the weight of my assignments…yet. And today is Valentines Day, it came and it will go too. AND I didn’t cry my eyes out watching sappy movies on the W channel. HA JUST KIDDING YA! In my defense, the movie was just too cute (Sunday’s at Tiffany’s).


One thought on “Neglected

  1. And if reasons were friends, I’d be a loner…..
    Love this sentence in particular. It just says it all so very simply. I think you have a natural talent for words, and I feel that you should always write, come what may.

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