The Adventures of Me, The Great

Although I haven’t written a post in a couple days, I have been updating my Postaday page, so please don’t leave it unread! I wish there were some way of posting on a second page. Either there is a way and I’m just too much of a newbie or there really isn’t. Anyhow, I am writing some nice short blurbs there on the current questions of the day!

In the past couple days I have been immersed in the study of the Ancient Greeks and I’ll shortly be starting with the Ancient Romans. While I’m utterly amazed with the culture and the invention of (the now simplistic) wooden wheel and architecural orders, I am extremely interested in the Gods and Godesses of  Greece. I wonder what they really thought about them. I’m talking about a time machine back to around 430 BCE when the Parthenon had just finished being rebuilt and Greece was entering into, what is now known as, the Golden Age. This time period is so named because of the burst in pottery, sculptures, frescoes, philosophy, architecture and theatre in Athens. I would love to go talk to some of these people and get to know how they really came about in their discoveries of the naturalism that they so beautifully conveyed in their art forms.

While, I would love to go interview people from 430 BCE, I wonder how much importance we give to those very same art forms now. For example, I haven’t heard someone say “Oh, I got this from the potter!” Pottery is now an art that very few practice. In fact, when I google ‘Vancouver pottery’ I get the following results: Potters Guild of BC and BC Gallery of Ceramics, HiDe Ceramic Works, Greenbarn Potters Supply Ltd.

Wow. I didn’t know Vancouver was so heavily into all these arts! I thought I’d get a couple results of ceramic stores or so somewhere way out in Delta or Richmond, but there’s really a guild. Okay, so I vow right now that as soon as I get some free time, I will go out to the BC Gallery of Ceramics. It’s on my to-do list!


3 thoughts on “The Adventures of Me, The Great

  1. Another gem which nourished my parched ad tired being – reading this after a mad day at work, and loads of ineptitude – i think i will sleep well. So – thank you for writing today 🙂

  2. Actually, in hindsight we never pay attention to all the simplistic stuff of the past instead we get stuck in the mundane life of present, thinking about how to build a better future. We all know what we have lost and or in the process of losing but don’t have the courage to try and do something that will really give us the sense of belonging or true achievement.

    Love this one. Hope you complete this “to do” soon and do share the experience.

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