Yoga – just another new years resolution

Yes. I am one of those people who decide to go out and exercise BUT its not to lose weight or to get guys…..its to feel good about myself. As much as I like to think I’m a genius (which I am) I’d like to reach out and touch the genius of the universe: truth. I’m not going to go on a rant about self-awareness…I’m sure you’ve heard it from someone. It’s also to tone my body. Because I was born a genius, the big guy up there decided to give me a good build as well. I haven’t ever gotten fat. I’ve just gone for a walk and lost weight (don’t hate … I myself haven’t figured out how that happens). It isn’t really about losing weight for me. I haven’t really looked at calories..I don’t know how to count them or how many I need. I’ve just been active….or tried to.

So I started yoga again. Got myself a new mat. Prepared myself for some ‘self-awareness’ and went for the first class of 2011 that I could go to: core. And I came back unable to breathe. I knew I had abs after that class, it was just a matter of being able to laugh about it. I couldn’t really laugh without crying about it and I couldn’t cry without laughing.

So a sensible warning to all of you who want to start yoga all of a sudden: don’t and save yourself the trouble. Start it but don’t go and give your 100%. Start with 50% and then raise the bar or you’ll be cursing yourself for starting at all. Moderation is the way to go. Don’t go for 4 classes in one week (like I did…). Start with two and then see if you can do more. And the yoga teachers aren’t joking when they say listen to your body.

So here’s to me trying to get toned and laughing with pain (my left thigh is currently a little over-worked) and not giving up!

Cheers 2011!


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