The End of 2010

I’m back, I’m back. Long time no post. So I had a whole bunch of topics I wanted to blog about which went right out the window after I got 4 syllabus’ crammed into my inbox a couple nights ago. I’ve been reading like a maniac since then. (I’m actually reading this time! WOW)

Before I go on rambling about how busy I am lets talk about the last bit of my beautiful holidays. They’re finally over and I’m quite heart-broken about it. But like Nelly Furtado says it “all good things [really do] come to an end”. But before they do “we can party all night” and then “wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy”. Okay sorry…..I’ll stop with that. On the 30th, I got together with a couple of friends to go ice skating at Robson Square in the heart of beautiful downtown on a sunny but icy cold afternoon. As usual everyone was late and everyone was freezing and cursing the cold (quite a change from cursing the rain actually). In my opinion, it was a perfect day to go ice skating. The sun just made everyone’s mood warmer and brighter. The ice rink apparently had been there waiting for someone to say “lets open shop today!” and Vancouver’s 2010 Olympics was the godly time for that! So this winter they reopened it and people literally flocked there to enjoy the tiny little rink. It was quite cramped but with an assortment of people, a description of whom is absolutely necessary here:

First, one encountered the couples helping each other learn to skate or falling on each other and laughing it off. It was quite amusing to see that most of the women in the couple could skate marginally better than their partners (at least from what I observed). It was the first sport I had ever seen a man fall or hurt himself without attempting to tackle, punch or hurt another. Instead they fell because they just didn’t know how to hold themselves up. While I don’t mean to laugh at the male skaters out there, I`m simply mentioning the irony here.

Second, one encountered the beginners lower than the beginners. I mean people who really can’t go one step without holding something or pulling something/someone down with them. It was lovely to see them come out IN PUBLIC and really take in the joys (haha) of learning to skate. But I must say, in the 2 or 3 hours that I was there, I saw majority of them improve. And in such a short time, that is quite a task. Unless they were frequenting the rink every day or so!

Third, one saw children, usually aged 6-11 and around half your height. They were the most scary of all. Either they skated to bang into people to make them fall down (which if I were a kid, I would have enjoyed doing myself too!). Or they whizzed by you at top speed and with such precision that you felt your pride in being able to do a round without falling just slip away…Some tiny tots were also there with their dads mostly. And one assumed that their father’s were avid Canucks followers and thought the world of ice hockey. It was lovely seeing that initiation of children onto an ice rink. The pride on the fathers face when his own kid could go more than a quarter of a meter without falling or holding onto something. It was pure awesomeness in other words…

Fourth, one saw groups and clumps of people. All coming together to go ice skating and laugh at those who fell, joke about those who were wobbling around and crying with pain as they all fell themselves. I remember turning around suddenly and causing a girl to fall. She just held onto me and for a second I thought she had stabilized herself, but then she gave up and just fell in a heap of laughter at her idiocy. Well, I was quite shocked that I made someone fall, but I got over it when someone made me fall too. And the best part was watching the friends you came with laugh at the hilarity of it all.

In other words, it wasn’t the color changing lights or the tiny rink or the decorations or the music that created the atmosphere, it was the collection of people skating around the rink that created the atmosphere. A beautiful thought to end 2010 in Vancouver!

Voici les photos que j’ai fait….

zamboni with fins

the 5 skaters united

the confused clock

*it wasn`t just a confused clock…it was quite creepy too because its eyes kept moving in a very weird way…*

the rink with its charms

PS. I would like to mention that I’m doing the post-a-day topics that WordPress has started. Instead of really blogging about them, I’m writing short blurbs about them. Check them out on my Postaday page and feel free to give some feedback. I’ll be updating it as I get the time. Cheers!


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