Victoria daydreaming

Christmas has come and gone…no snow. And in a place like Vancouver where it rains by the meters…no rain either. In the late afternoon, a molten golden and deep orange sun sets over the horizon where you can see the islands between Vancouver and Vancouver Island. Forecast for tomorrow: a road (and ferry) trip to Victoria on Vancouver Island. Scholarships and pre-readings aside, this one should be relaxing. 

May 2010, I went to Victoria witha couple friends on the Victoria Day long weekend and we managed to get a whole lot of sun…and a whole lot of wind. Maybe it was the cobbled streets or the old lamposts, but I fell in love with Victoria that weekend and I’ve been wanting to go back ever since to spend some quality time exploring the place.

Here are some of the things I would do in Victoria if I went alone for a week:

The Johns Place Sign

Go eat a lovely Sunday brunch at Johns Place! I’d put in a couple dollars to get the karaoke machine playing and eat my pancakes and omelete while looking over the hundreds of pictures adorning the walls.

The Harbour Inlet

Spend an evening kayaking up and down the Harbour Inlet. Rowing up and down, avoiding seaplanes, feeling the salty spray on my arms and feeling the muscles ache in a good way after that experience…oh yes.

China Town Gates

Take a walk along the Chinatown roads and wander down the alleys with the quiet yellow and brick walls. Accidentally walk into the Chinatown market that opens shop on Fisgard street.

The Board of Trade at the Bastion Square

Eat gelato at the Italian store at the Bastion Square after having a green lunch at the Market Square. Right around the street from each other, with a very British feel to them. Bastion Square with its open air and Market Square with its giant brick walls you can walk around.

Spend a morning at the Clover Point Park walking around after enjoying the sights of Craigdarroch Castle. Have a picnic, maybe even bring my bike and go along the beach. Take some photos of the Strait as I bike by it or it waves by me. (no picture for this one, because I actually haven’t gone there yet…)

Rent a Vespa and drive all over Victoria! I haven’t done that one either…maybe this time? Some of them have the Italian look to them and some look new and sleek; I prefer the first to the latter…

Go on a whale watching tour for a day down the Vancouver Island Pacific coast. There are boats of people that depart from the Harbour Inlet all wide-eyed to see giant grey whales foaming the waters. I haven’t done this one either…

Well folks, thats my list and I hope I get to do at least half the things on it this time I go! There’s just the weather to tackle for sunny weather…no big deal…


3 thoughts on “Victoria daydreaming

  1. awesome description Aatu. Love the way you write. I think you should switch to a creative career instead of a analytical one 🙂 muah!!

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