Shopping et Moi

Je m’ennuie avec les magasins qui ont les vêtêments font avec les tissus minces. I can’t bear it anymore. I used to ignore it and just wear them because they looked good. But when it’s raining and constantly cold and windy (in a place like Vancouver) then clothes with thick fabrics that don’t tear after 5 washes are a treasure.

While Christmas shopping with my parents, I ended up walking into Esprit. I remember my aunt shopping there when I was a kid, but other than that I had never had an Esprit experience of my own. I bought the first thing I picked up there. Its a high boat neck beige super thick sweater with a thick weave. Did I mention it was on sale? Sales just make me happy.

Another place I have started to like is H&M. Today I figured out what it really stands for: Hennez and Mauritz. And its Swedish. I was just thinking how the majority of people here don’t think about the background of a company. As long as its offering you clothing you like, its just another brand on your hanger. I never knew what H&M stood for. It was just the new store in the mall next door to me. How ignorant we all can be sometimes eh?

PS. Its Christmas Eve and no snow. Its just rain. Well, its not called Rain-couver for nothing…


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