So as per my to-do list I have been doing some baking! My first recipe that I decided to try out was a Christine Cushing holiday recipe I found on the Food TV website. All these years I just barfed (internally of course) at my mom staring intently at the laptop and printing out pages and pages of recipes, most of which were Christine Cushing or Anna Olson. Well I didn’t just wince, I also drooled. I had to wait until mom got off work and she could make all these things. Well…..who knew I could make them myself! HA.

So I started off mixing the dry ingredients first instead of making the wet ones first. Yes people, I just ‘roll’ that way. And then I just had to go throw the garbage before it started to stink up the whole place. When I came back, I was standing armed with a hand mixer and a bowl of wet stuff and another one of dry stuff: I had to slowly put the dry in the wet. Bear with me, folks, I know what I’m doing…..or the recipe knows what its telling me to do….

So I started mixing the dry and the wet and after a while I really got the hang of it. Wait, let me put it this way… I, ME, MOI got the hang of MIXING the dry and the wet. Its a huge thing! I always stared at my mom when she did it. She wasn’t sweating ever! Her eyeballs weren’t popping out with concentration! And guess what? Mine weren’t either! DOUBLE HA.

So then the dry and the wet were mixed and I had to make it all doughy. Ok I’ll tell you the big deal here: my mom had to do it. Cuz I had no idea what I was supposed to do…do I hit it? do I pat it? do I throw it and start over? do I freak out? no…I just go to my mom and beg her to fix it. But turns out there was nothing to be fixed: I just needed to pat it by hand and put it in the fridge for half an hour. Et voila! We had a dough that can be shaped into little cookies!

My dad and I ended up stuffing the dough into the cookie cutters instead of cutting the shapes out instead; the dough had gotten too hard cuz we had put it in the freezer instead. Oops…. So after all that, it was over, nothing coul possibly go wrong now. There were two trays of heart, Christmas tree, angels and star shaped kouriabiedes waiting for the oven to heat up. Once it was ready, we fed the first tray to the oven for 25 minutes. It was slightly burnt but I guess it was alright…the burnt taste didn’t overwhelm the buttery smoothness of the kouriabiedes. The second tray was better because I was on the look out and took it out at 20 minutes.

I brought some to my workplace and there were six left at the end of the day… (Ok fine, I ate two….) And then there were three….

mon père et moi, nous nous amusons

le première

le deuxième

le fin


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