Past, Present and Future

Its Christmas holidays and everyone has a million things to do! There is present shopping, gift wrapping, planning the big dinner, setting up the Christmas tree, hanging the lights and oh! I’m already tired of writing it all down.

My Christmas, however, is a little bit different. It always has been! But the delight, the warmth, the beauty of that time of the year has always been felt in my family. It all began when my parents decided to get married on the 25th. And from there, things just got better. When I was a kid in pre-school, my dad decided to get dressed as Santa Claus and give out books to everyone in my tiny pre-school. I got to be the elf in green! Unfortunately I don’t know what really happened to the pictures my mom took of those Christmas’ past or you would have seen the comparatively thin Santa and the cheekiest elf in action.

‘Christmas present’ will be one of the most different ones ever. My to-do list should explain it all.

  1. Bake – I have never been inside my kitchen due to fear of burning not only the edible products, but the whole kitchen including myself and my astonished mother. So this year, I decided enough is enough and I cannot spend the rest of my life avoiding the kitchen, which so perfectly supplies me with all the food I adore (the list is long….).
  2. Decorate – Well, I am running on a tight budget: I am a first year student after all!!! I can’t be thinking about stockings and Christmas trees when I have to think about tuition fees and club fees and student fees and many other fees of all sorts and sizes. So I will decorate this house in the cheapest manner ever and if I can’t then I will at least hang up my stocking by the fireplace.
  3. Eat – There must be no fear in eating and getting fat and knowing that you’re getting fatter (thats why there are New Years resolutions)…I must have had atleast THREE pieces of chocolate today and FIVE slices of cheese. No Big Deal! I am not going to think about it at all just like (all the other times of the year). Since I have decided to bake, I might as well eat my own cake!
  4. Do something different – Since we moved to Canada, we usually go down to the States and spend our Christmas’ and New Years with our close family friends. This year I proposed we stay at home and enjoy a beautiful Christmas just by ourselves: my mom, my dad and moi. Just three people in one house by one fireplace eating all my baked goodies and singing Christmas carols! Right.
  5. Christmas music – Since I download music at the rate I breath (not really…), I will play all the Christmas music I have. So far I’ve played Diana Krall, Andrea Bocelli and Glee Christmas music for the past 4 days with success! My parents have neither cringed, nor begged for peace. So it shall continue [insert evil laugh here].

And that, folks, is my to-do list. You can laugh and make fun of it all you want, but I take great pride in the 5 things I have decided to do this Christmas and I shall definitely keep you all up to date! ‘Christmas to-come’ can only get better after I’m done beautifying this one!

So here’s to a beautiful holiday with cheer and jolly good-all! My stocking hangs by the fireplace and wreath is by the door.

My adorable 12 year old stocking

The Wreath...not quite by the door...


The skies look clear for now:
no rain or snow.
The clouds don’t seem to go away
and the sun won’t show.
But I’ll take my piece of the sky
and be happy with what I’ve got.
For the clouds can never stay long,
where happiness isn’t lost.


4 thoughts on “Past, Present and Future

  1. woaaah Aatu, it’s snowing on your blog =)
    Very sweet idea to share some of your stories!
    And I don’t find your to-do-list silly at all, it’s good to stick to the basics at christmas.
    I think 🙂 hehe

    Merry Christmas!

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